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Some of these books are over 100 years old, some thousands. The wisdom contained in them is timeless and ageless. The Knowledge you seek is not the knowledge you can learn from books; it is the Knowledge of Self, which can only be known by turning your attention within.

Most of these books are available in multiple formats. Audio, text, and PDF versions are often free. If your preferred option isn't listed, type the title or author into a web search. Some sources are:
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The Kybalion - by Three Initiates
Occult wisdom and Hermetic teachings. The fundamental principles of the universe, according to the ancient masters and greatest philosophers. Written in clear and simple English that anybody can understand, these principles provide the keys that unlock many mysteries and many doors.

NOTE: Most people familiar with this work feel that William Walker Atkinson is the sole author, writing under the pseudonym of "Three Initiates." While Atkinson did write under several pseudonyms, he is believed to have been a true initiate, and it would have been uncharacteristic of him to use this particular title unless he had indeed collaborated with two other initiates, who probably wanted to remain anonymous.

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, The Atlantean - translated / channeled by Michael Doreal
The wisdom of Thoth, an Atlantean priest.

The Four Arcanes - The Complete Collection - by William Walker Atkinson
"The Arcane Teaching", "The Arcane Formulas", "Vril: Vital Magnetism", and "The Mystery of Sex".
This work holds many similarities to The Kybalion, but viewed from a slightly different perspective, and expanding on it considerably.

The Master Key System - by Charles F. Haanel
Building on the principles contained in books like "The Kybalion" and "The Four Arcanes", a contemporary system is presented for incorporating these principles into your daily life by tapping into infinite power by the power of thought.

Light On The Path: Theosophy - by "M.C." (Mabel Collins)
From the title page: "A treatise written for the personal use of those who are ignorant of the Eastern wisdom, and who desire to enter within its influence."
From H.P. Blavatsky: “This little book—a true jewel—belongs to, and emanates from the same school of Indo-Aryan and Buddhist thought and learning as the teachings in "The Secret Doctrine.""

The Hermetica: The Lost Wisdom of the Pharaohs - by Timothy Freke & Peter Gandy
Few are aware of the far-reaching influence that the Hermetic teachings have had on philosophers, scientists, statesmen, the church, artists, and entire populations over the span of history. Reaching back to pre-dynastic Egypt, ancient Greece, and India, the wisdom of Hermes lives on today for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

The Way of Hermes: New Translations of The Corpus Hermeticum

The Secret Doctrine
This book is a bit of a challenge to read. A sentence can be a paragraph long; a paragraph can fill a page. Obscure topics and references are presented as if you are fully familiar with them. There may be numerous citations of a term or topic, with no definition or explanation until 100 pages later. Several different descriptions may be provided in different chapters, which may appear contradictory because the definition depends on perspective, though this is rarely made clear.

That said, this book is one of the most comprehensive sources of occult information available. The author spent a lifetime traveling the world, meeting with initiates and masters. She gained access to works that have been shielded from public view for centuries. Even if you don't understand 90% of what you read, what you are able to assimilate is well worth the effort.

ALERT: Although Vols 3 & 4 were completed, they have yet to be released for publication. The book presented as Vol 3 is only a collection of Blavatsky's notes and manuscripts that were compiled by a contemporary. Permission to do so was expressly denied. The full story is explained in The “Third Volume” of The Secret Doctrine. This is a long article, and will only be of interest to those reading this classic work. However, the website is an excellent companion resource for anyone embarking on this journey.

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  • NOTE: The audio version on YouTube is a disorganized mess. It is advised to avoid it. Besides, the deep nature of this book requires reading it. It would be next to impossible to absorb that depth via audio, even if presented in a professional manner.


Theosophy Wiki
A platform for those following the path of Divine Wisdom.

Words of Peace
You might gain vast wealth, acquire power, achieve fame, attain perfect health. But if you lack peace, you have nothing of value.

Esoteric Astrologer
Modern astrology is all about personality, which is fleeting. Esoteric astrology is focused on the soul. Conventional astrology sees events, while esoteric astrology looks deeper, to the causes. Watch this Introduction To Esoteric Astrology for a comprehensive description.

Shambhala Healing Tools
Sacred geometric forms, constructed to the highest standards of quality and precision. Gold plated. They also have a variety of other vibrational and bio-resonance healing tools, such as magnetic pulsers, though these items tend to be prohibitively priced.

Bodhisattva Trading Co.
Tibetan singing bowls, hand-forged with traditional methods to obtain exceptional tonal quality. Most are of contemporary origin but many are authentic antiques.

A comprehensive list of frequencies that affect the mind and body.

A reference source for all things related to psychoactives. What effect does a particular substance have? Is it dangerous? What is a proper dosage? What are the laws in my state? What books have been written about it? If your question has an answer, this is the place to look for it.

Maya Ethnobotanicals
Herbs, extracts, superfoods, incense, and accessories, with a focus on entheogens. Maya honors the wisdom of plant teachers and observes the highest standards of quality.

SVPVRIL (Sympathetic Vibratory Physics)
Dedicated to researching and advancing the works of John Worrell Keely, Walter Russell, Nikola Tesla, Joseph Swan, Rudolph Steiner, Viktor Schauberger, Wilhelm Reich, Helena Blavatsky, and other pioneers and leaders of science and philosophy, particularly in the fields of energy and mind development.

High Mowing Organic Seeds
Organic, non-GMO seeds for the home gardener.

Sprout People
Organic, non-GMO seeds for sprouting.

Guides and eco-friendly products for sustainable living.