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Nikola Tesla, Edward Leedskalnin, anti-gravity, free energy, the electric universe.
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Overview / Reference / FAQ

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There is a revolution underway in science that most people in the world are not even aware of. It is a paradigm shift equivalent to that of Copernicus or Galileo. As we transition to a new cosmology, the world will become a very different place.

Some areas where you can expect a change in our understanding of the fundamental properties of the universe:

Conventional science would have you believe that gravity is the fundamental force that builds the universe. Space dust accretes to form stars and thus the process begins. But no computer model has ever been able to substantiate this theory. Electricity, on the other hand, is a billion, billion, billion, billion, billion times stronger than gravity. And experimental evidence has proven its role time and again where gravity has failed.

You are told that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. If this were true, the planets would not be able to remain in orbit around the sun because they would "see" the sun in a location 8½ minutes distant from it's true position. It is estimated that gravity must travel at at least the speed of light squared to allow for the shortcomings of current theory.
What is the Speed of Gravity?

A black hole is defined as a body so massive that nothing, not even light, can escape its gravitational field. But black holes are a purely mathematical concept with no substantiating evidence. The EU (Electric Universe) model explains the black hole as an electrical phenomena known as a Plasmoid.
Black Holes vs Plasmoids

Modern cosmology is constructed on a foundation of theory postulated by Albert Einstein. But what if Einstein was wrong? The focal point of Relativity is the limit of the speed of light. As noted above, light is not a constant and does not represent a universal speed limit. Where else was Einstein off the mark?
The misconception that Relativity has been proven

The Big Bang is the cornerstone of creation theory (the scientific view of creation). It may be time to take a fresh look.
How old is the universe?
The misconception that the Big Bang has been proven

The Standard Model claims that the observable universe represents only 5% of the total. The other 95% consists of Dark Matter and Dark Energy and nobody knows just what either one is. The truth is that there is no evidence to support either concept. Both are ad hoc theory, formulated to fill the gap in existing theory. In other words, they can't explain why the Standard Model fails to describe the workings of the universe so they quite literally made up the solution. And then they make up the math to prove that the solution is correct.
The misconception that Dark Matter has been proven

And this is just the short list. To learn more check out the sites below:
* The Thunderbolts Project YouTube channel.
* The Thunderbolts Project website.
* The Daily Plasma
* The Safire Project: Tomorrow's energy... today.
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